Project 2 Outlook


P2O an application that allows you to export a selection of tasks directly from Project into an Outlook as either calendar items or meeting requests.  It helps ensure that Project Managers and Stakeholders are aligned on Project tasks


Effective communications and an understanding of what each user should be doing and when is an absolute requirement for delivering a project on time.  P2O enables this communication by allowing you to export tasks from Project to Outlook and keep them in synchronisation as they change in Project.
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About Project 2 Outlook

P2O is an add-in that works with Microsoft Project and delivers the following benefits


P2O can also:

  • Create and assign an Outlook Category for the exported tasks
  • Combine the Project and Task name to form Outlook Subject
  • Use the Project Summary name as the Outlook Location
  • Copy Task Notes into the Outlook Body


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Project 2 Outlook FAQs

Software & Installation

P2O has been designed as VSTO add-in for Project 2013 and 2016. However, it will also work with Project 2010. Our aim is to support the current and previous release of both Project and Outlook.

Creating Appointments

Creating & Editing Meeting Requests

Removing items from Outlook

The easiest way to remove items in Outlook that you no longer need is to list them by category. In Outlook display the calendar in a list view and group by Category. If you selected “Create Category from Project Summary Task Name” checkbox in P2O then the items will be grouped by Project name, if not, they will be listed in the default category of P2O. Select the items to remove and press delete. Note that if the items are meeting requests then an cancellation will be sent to the resources.


Yes. When you initially install P2O it will have a licence of between 14 and 28 days, so at a minimum you have 14 days to evaluate the product.

A licence is typically valid for a year.

No, P2O is licence per PC. If you require to install P2O on multiple PCs then you need to purchase a separate licence for each PC.

P2O is licensed per PC.