Viewing Timephased data in Visual Reports #MSProject #Excel


I recently ran an MPUG session integrating Project with Excel.  Part of the presentation was using the Visual Reports feature and exporting the data to Excel, and I had one of those questions which caught me out (though it shouldn’t have, I’d just had a long day!).  So this post answers the question that was asked, which was basically “can I replicate the task usage view in Excel”, and the answer is, yes.  This blog post will show you how.


Within MS Project, select the visual reports icon, and then choose one of the views within the Assignment Usage tab (I based my report on the Baseline Work Report.




Alternatively, or create a new template using the Assignment Usage data type.




Once you’ve exported the data to Excel, then you need to select the right data to display (1), turn off the subtotals (2) and hid column B (3)




You can find the files for this blog at!AoTVCKDbj8EAhcVGawgo7MQDWI0R9Q

Enjoy,  Ben.