MPUG Presentations – Monthly reports and Managing Resources

After presenting and helping co-ordinate MPUG (Microsoft Project User Group) meetings in Manchester and London, UK, we’ve decided to widen our potential audience to WW by presenting the next two topics over the internet as part of MPUG’s WebNLearn series. 

The two sessions being delivered are as follows….

WebnLearn UK: Using Microsoft Project to provide pragmatic monthly reports 

22/7/2010 13:00BST for an hour.

Generating useful reporting information in Microsoft Project can be complex and time consuming.  In this session Ben Howard will show you how to build a pragmatic weekly or monthly reporting solution in Microsoft Project, that allows you to update information on the reporting tasks and take the information and paste it directly into a Monthly reporting template in Word. 

Presented by Ben Howard

WebnLearn UK: Using Microsoft Project to effectively manage resources  

12/8/2010 13:00BST for an hour. 
Managing resources using Microsoft Project can be a very complex and timely process.  Dharmesh Patel will be demonstrating the different options on how resources can be managed and progress can be tracked efficiently.

Presented by Dharmesh Patel

We’re looking forward to delivering them, hopefully you’ll be able to join us and ask some “interesting” questions.

Regards,  Ben