Oh no, not another project server blog…

(Leffe Brune…)
Oh no, not another project server blog… or maybe, yippee, perhaps this blog will provide some answers?  It depends on where you are coming from and what you are looking for, but if, like me, you are thinking that the whole MS EPM 2007 solution is now very big compared with 2003 and that you’re now looking at months of reading and trying to work out 1), how do I get all this “technical” stuff working together and 2) what are the real value adds for my customers/organisation?, then this blog is for you.  Why am I so confident of this?  Well, that is exactly the place that I’m in currently, therefore, I’m proposing to use this blog to provide the following sort of information.
  1. Technical snippets of how to get things working*
  2. Scenarios for using MS EPM to provide business value to organisations
  3. Other useful snippets that every MS EPM consultant should have in their back pocket

The content for this blog will come from real user experience (i.e., mine and my associates), probably based on what I’ve been up to in the previous month.  I’m planning on one article a month, it might be more, it shouldn’t be less.

I should mention that discussions on general project management practice will be out of scope, just google PMI/PRINCE2 for info on that topic.  Also, I’m not a polititian, therefore I will make mistakes, and if you let me know, I’ll own up to them.  Life isn’t perfect and neither am I.

Potential future topics that I think would be useful…

  • PPS2007 overview
  • SRS2005 & reporting in general
  • Custom fields
  • MOSS integration
  • VBA
  • Analysis services
  • Migration
  • Forms Authentication
  • WSS admin – what do we MS EPM folks need to know

So, that’ll keep me going for most of 2007!  For those of you who are now linking to this site, it’s only a test, IF I decide to make this official, I’ll post the the new URL in a new blog/link etc.

Cheers,   Ben.

*Caveat – I’m not really a technical person, therefore I’ll be linking (and crediting) the people who find the answers.  TIA to all those who will help 🙂