Project 2010 introduction – UK Tech Days

Project 2010 introduction – UK Tech Days

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MS UK recently held a week long series of events here in the UK called techdays  I was given the opportunity to present on Project 2010 (what else!), and I gave a cut down version of one of Eric Zenz’s presentations.  I’ve uploaded the presentation here, and when the video is out, I’ll post a link to that too.  The feedback was excellent, plus the questions after the session just show how much mis-understood both project and it’s licencing (Project Server CALS that is) are.

The comments from twitter came thick and fast too, including one I really liked…

· Ben Howard just started a project by determining the scope – wish a few more projects I’ve worked on did that 😉 #uktechdays

The slides are here…   Using Project 2010 to manage your IT Projects

Enjoy –

Ben [MVP]