Project and Project Server 2010

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So here I am, sitting Pheonix, AZ at the Project Conference 2010.  I’ve been working with Project 2010 for a while now, but under NDA, so I’ve not been able to blog about it, but as I type, it’s being demo’d publically for the 1st time, so the NDA has been “lifted”.

You’ll see a tonne of blogs soon, both from MS and the rest of the bloggers, but he’s one of my favourite features regarding Project Server 2010.

The scenario is that my Project Manager is due to go on holiday, but during that time progress on the project isn’t going to stop, so someone still needs to update the project, publish it, and generate reports from it.  In PS2007 and previous versions this wasn’t as easy as it should have been and required a lengthy process which was time consuming, especially if there were many projects involved.  Microsoft have listened to this feedback and created a feature called “Delegation”, which allows the PM to delegate their role to another “trusted” user, who then inherits the PMs rights for a period of time.  This trusted user can then assume the PM role, and perform the updates, schedule changes and all the normal PM tasks!  Neat eh?

More details (and screen shots no doubt) will follow.

Enjoy….   Ben.