Project Conference 2014 slides and demos available

Update – 140717 – The recordings of the sessions are now available on Microsoft’s channel 9 (here and here) and in case they go “missing”, here and here too!  They are labelled PC301 and PC232 when searching in the folder.

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I was lucky enough to attend and present at the Project Conference 2014 in Anaheim, California.  This is the bi-annual Project “love-in”, comprising a mixture of customers, Microsoft folks, partners and  MVPs, and the 4th or 5th that I’ve attended (and spoken at).  There were some great sessions, and the focus really was on Project Online this year.

PC301 Project Online from any device

Let’s talk about each session separately, starting with Project Online from any device.

I’ve pasted in the session title and description below so you can see what you are letting yourself in for…. when I have access to the recording I will post this too.  Note that in the recording I say that it is not possible to synchronise Tasks from Project Online (or Project Server 2013) with Apple devices – I need to say I was wrong and that you can synchronise tasks from Project Server to iPads/iPhones – look for reminders in the apple sync settings.  The shortcut to the presentation is here and I will post the recording when I have it.





PC232 Reports that jump off the screen

Again, I’ve pasted the session title and description below… and when I have access to the recording I will post this too.  You are welcome to use the presentation and demo files, but please credit myself and Phil Allen (my co-presenter) – details are in the READ ME 1st.txt file in the skydrive, available here




Enjoy, and as usual, I’m looking forward to the feedback.