User Controlled Scheduling – watch the webinar here

<dry and feeling much better for it – thanks for asking>

So, on 25th Jan I ran a webinar for Microsoft on Project 2010, and some of the features around User Controlled Scheduling.  We had over 100 people logged on, and the feedback score was a whopping 8.25 out of 9.00 – so I was very pleased with that. 

If you missed it, the link is here for posterity…  it’ll be the best hour of your life – I promise….

and also, here is a list of the relevant questions that were asked (and answered by Jan Kalis of the the product group – thanks Jan).

Meeting Questions and Answers:

Subject: TechNet Webcast: User-Controlled Scheduling in Microsoft Project

Start Time: 25 January 2010 16:00:00 GMT-0:0