Predecessor Drop Down list #O365 #MSProject

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One of the nice things about the Project Online licence model is the occasional new feature which magically appears.  As of this morning when I was updated to the Version 1704 (April 2017 for those who like long names) I’m now able to use a drop-down list to select predecessors and successors in the tables in the Gantt Chart views.


There’s a couple of nice features in this table

1.  It can be resized (hurrah)

2.  The table moves always opens on the current task.  Existing predecessors are checked, and additional predecessors can be selected.



The same drop-down applies to the successors column and to the Predecessors task in the Task Information column.

At the time of writing the feature hasn’t made it into Microsoft’s “What’s new in Project 2016” blog – so you heard it here first 🙂


Enjoy,  Ben.