Speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2017 #ESPC17


Take Project Online from 0-60 in 1 Hour

I’m delighted to say I’ve been selected to speak once again at the European SharePoint Conference which is being held in Dublin during 14-16th November 2017.


The session overview is below

Take Project Online from 0-60 in 1 Hour

Getting started with Project Online sometimes seems like a mammoth, thankless and difficult task; I know all about this because I’ve been deploying Project Server and Project Online since 2002. So what are the short-cuts, gotchas and pitfalls that you need to navigate in order to ensure that Project Online succeeds in your organisation, what are the ’10 most important things to do’ when deploying Project Online? I’ll take a blank Project Online instance from 0-60 in 1 hour during this presentation so please join me and get an insight into what 15 years of Project Server/Project Online consultancy experience can do for you. No slides, just a one hour demo!

Benefits of Attending this Session:

  1. This is pure demo. The only slides will be Intro, Agenda, Close.
  2. We’ll create and utilise Power BI reports to view the data.
  3. Delegates will have the wow factor of “did he do all of that in an hour?!”

My session detail are available at https://www.sharepointeurope.com/events/take-project-online-from-0-60-in-1-hour/ and full details of the conference are at https://www.sharepointeurope.com/

Enjoy,  Ben.