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I was lucky enough to be invited back to Kyiv by fellow MVP Oleksiy Prsonitskiy to present at the Ukrainian Project Conference.  If you’ve never been to Kyiv, it’s worth the effort with some great sights and great food.

I presented on two topics, Microsoft Planner and Reporting in Project Online.

Microsoft Planner

This is the new official name for Planner – and there are lots of blogs out there detailing what it is, how to use it etc.  As well as my presentation and video available here, I’ve listed a few other sites for further reading.

Microsoft’s Planner site –

Getting started with Planner –

Fellow MVP Prasanna Adavi’s view on Planner –


Planner is NOT available for home users; the following URL gives the list of products in each SKU – note you have to search for the term “planner” as it isn’t listed as a service in any of the SKUs. –

Reporting in Project Online

You can use the free of charge Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard available here  or use Excel / PowerBI and if necessary, Power Query to shape and transform the data.  The video of this rather rushed presentation and demo and slides are available here.


Have fun, Ben.