#ESC2017 – Take Project Online from 0-60 in 1 Hour


European SharePoint Conference 2017

At the back end of last year I was honoured to be able to speak at the ESC2017, the second time I’ve spoken at the ESC.  The title this year was taking Project Online from 0-60 in one hour…  so what does that mean.

In a nutshell what I was able to do in 60 minutes (there’s a reason it was called 0-60 in one hour!) was create a PWA instance, populate it with some resources, publish some plans to it and then use a Power BI template file (.pbit) to view the data.  So if you are interested in getting started with Project Online and want to see the steps you need to go through the slides are available here, and if you are interested in implementing Project Online or Power BI, then please contact me.