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Over the months and years I’ve seen a tonne of issues regarding the ability, or inability to edit Enterprise Calendars.  I started a blog about this a while ago http://applepark.co.uk/issues-with-multiple-project-server-accounts/ which provides some troubleshooting issues.  This blog is an update to that and I’ll try and keep it updated as I find out new information.


If you cannot edit the Enterprise Calendar, then these are the troubleshooting options I would typically try.  Please note that the issues are typically to do with the Project Client (winproj.exe).

1. Ensure you are on the latest product release.  Microsoft Project is available is as either a subscription licence (available as part of the subscription to either Project Online Professional or Project Online Premium and generically known as a Click2Run (C2R) installation) or a perpetual licence (Project Professional 2016 and generically known as an MSI install).

If you are running C2R, then check for latest updates.  The image below shows a current install as of 10th November 2016.


If you are running an MSI install, ensure you have BOTH of the following hot fixes installed.


February 9, 2016, update for Project 2016 (KB3114714)

February 9, 2016, update for Office 2016 (KB2910954)


June 7, 2016, update for Office 2013 (KB3023049)

June 7, 2016, update for Project 2013 (KB3115164)


Tested Configurations

I have tested the following browser configurations on Windows 10 (updated 10th November 2016).  As can be seen I have issues currently with IE Desktop, Chrome (in private) and Safari.  There is no surprise re Safari as I’m using an old build on Windows.

Note that it didn’t matter what account I was using within MS Project.


Scenario Browser & version winproj open & connected Edit Enterprise Calendar Comments
1 IE desktop (11.447.14393.0) Yes No
2 IE desktop No No
3 Edge (38.14393.0.0) Yes Yes
4 Edge No Yes
5 Chrome (54.0.2840.87) Yes Yes
6 Chrome No Yes
7 Chrome (in private) Yes No
8 Chrome (in private) No Yes
9 Firefox (49.02) Yes Yes
10 Firefox No Yes
11 Safari 5.1.7 (7534.57.2) Yes No Error saying “Requires IE 8.0 or above”
12 Safari No No Error saying “Requires IE 8.0 or above”


I will try and keep this table updated – please mail me if you have other comments and/or issues and I’ll try and keep this blog updated to reflect the latest info.


Enjoy,  Ben.